The Synergy Company

Do we need to spend so much on engagement while many people could come together and help each other out in each's individual visions and projects? Is it not a truth that we exponentially achieve  more when we work together in unison or unity? The idea of The Synergy Company of Forum has been a [...]



There was once a time when community is all people have as identity, resources and culture. There was a time when community catered for itself because the people that constituted it recognized the beauty and benefits of togetherness and synergy. But presently, individualism is promoted and community is fast falling apart. Individuals are now forming [...]

DEEP Learning

Many times, what people celebrate is the product; few find the reasons behind or origin of the creation of the product. And it is not rocket science that the essence of anything lies in its origin . . . and this is what many developed countries are doing to be able to stand out above [...]

Critical Investment

In Africa, subsistence has been many people's pursuit and attainment; may be because of high rise in poverty which is a result of bad choices and governance. but the irony is that poverty, problems, difficulties or lack of resources should be motivators for thinking prosperously, solving problems and making life easier in the same order. it [...]

Human Media

THE MEDIA Going by common definition, Media are channels through which elements are transferred from one end to another. It can also be defined as an intervening substance through which forces are transmitted; a means by which something is communicated or expressed. This means that a medium is a channel for effecting change through communication [...]

REACHING OUT: Demography | Psychography | Technography

I share the belief that every individual on earth has the capacity to do and has a specific task to carry out on earth . . . this is why education and profession are so important if we really want to make impact in life. The right in its own right is a system. This [...]


Education has always been the qualification and preparation for any kind of Profession. It is somehow a given that s/he must be well educated and also be well informed concerning the Profession or Vocation. But the questions that should arouse one's curiosity about Education and Profession are: What exactly does Education have to do with [...]