Human Media


Going by common definition, Media are channels through which elements are transferred from one end to another. It can also be defined as an intervening substance through which forces are transmitted; a means by which something is communicated or expressed. This means that a medium is a channel for effecting change through communication of information and expression of one’s self.

Therefore, Media Technology can be described as a development aimed at the realization of the goals of media (channels for communication or dissemination of information) through concerted efforts and techniques gained from the understanding of the operations of media tools.



Human, just like any other systems has media of expression through which s/he transfers what s/he has within. These media are not initially physical nor the external but are innate channels that allow the elements within to be seen without. For every human, there are three basic media through which one expresses or communicates him/herself to others.

The communication would either be for the purpose of giving something in return for another or giving something just for the sake of witnessing a desired change . . . Both still have a feedback system of some sort. The duo might be tangible or a feeling of satisfaction.

These media are the first tier of media and others are less effective and most times meaningless without them. These innate media include:

Passion is primarily what genuinely interests someone; a certain change one would love to see in his/her lifetime or set in motion. It is a strong desire to see something done or changed by the necessary means. It is derived from your disposition to a dissatisfying situation in one’s environment or primary sphere of influence.

Vocation is your job or duty; what you find yourself doing right now either to get by, make ends, and to improve one’s capability while what is really pertinent (passion) to you begins to take form. Vocation is more like a routine that trains one mind and helps acquired certain skills needed in the nearest and possible future.

Hobbies are what you find yourself doing effortlessly . . . they are the things we do at our spare or leisure time without breaking sweat. They are the things we do to keep ourselves busy but are not routine in nature like vocation. They are what we do at our own time, pace and space. Hobbies become vocation when we do it continuously until it becomes routine.



Each medium of expression has specific audience because they are not the same in content. The dynamics of human media goes beyond expressing these media individually or separately but how they can all be expressed together as a single entity.

If one’s passion, vocation and hobbies can be combined together and expressed by a single content or material, then three sets of audience would definitely subscribe to what they would not subscribe to initially.

This means that there must be a unifying factor that connects passion, vocation and hobbies . . . and this point of connection is where the core of a man’s means of expression lies.





Education has always been the qualification and preparation for any kind of Profession. It is somehow a given that s/he must be well educated and also be well informed concerning the Profession or Vocation.

But the questions that should arouse one’s curiosity about Education and Profession are:

What exactly does Education have to do with Profession?

What is the principle that guides a particular Profession?

These questions made me question the validity and the importance of highly rated Professions that major percentage of the population clamour about. From my pondering, I did not only discover that these ‘Major Professions’ are valid and important, I also discovered that every other ‘Minor Professions’ are as valid and important.

A single principle guides the existence or institutionalization of all . . . and it is from this principle that all Professions are genuinely founded to make mankind’s existence a productive one. Anyone who takes a Profession and majors on it only takes hold of a window amidst many windows that lead to the reality of this single principle.

And the principle states that:

All of man’s existence and exploit is geared towards creating and/or maintaining ORDER for the purpose of fostering PEACE and PRODUCTIVITY.” – OLUWAmuyiwa

As simple and mundane as this principle is, it is the guiding principle of all exploits and Professions! When these three elements are the foundation of any kind of education, every Profession would be adopted based on the full understanding of the purpose and significance as opposed to rating Professions based on the complexities and the incentives involved.

It is absolutely true that some Professions or Vocations need higher level of expertise than the others and therefore monetary incentives are meant to compensate for their hardwork, still, it must not be the basis for choosing to be educated for a particular Profession.

This means that a doctor, lawyer, an accountant, office cleaner are actually doing the same thing on different platform with different object: the doctor wants to ensure peace in the human system by creating or maintaining order while the lawyer wants to ensure peace in the society (human environment) by instituting law and order. An accountant wants to make sure there is order in the financial system so as to avoid chaos as confusion in the economy of an organization while the office cleaner wants to ensure peace in the physical working system so that the doctors, lawyers, and the accountants could work efficiently and be productive as a result.

It is only the Education that bases on these understanding that can raise a generation of total beings and not myriad of individuals who are constricted in ideologies. Total beings perform with broad understanding even though they are operating through a particular Profession.

This means Education as opposed to the conventional notion is not specific to a very great extent. It is a generic way of studying Life as a whole before each individual decides how s/he wants to enforce the Laws of Life . . .

Another set of questions that should come after this understanding:

What of this who have chosen a Profession because of the unwholesome Education they were exposed to?

What should they do knowing that they may not be in the Profession they are supposed to be?”

Again, I realized that the answer/solution lies in the same Profession they have chosen “wrongly” . . . As it was mentioned above that a particular Profession is just one of those windows to the broader spectrum of Life, the person in question must begin to view Life in a generic way based on the knowledge of the Profession he has acquired.

He must take a reverse journey from Profession to Education . . . The beauty of it is that the reverse journey is as much as effective as the normal journey of Education to Profession. By the time he gets to the origin and understands the principle guiding the journey from Education to Profession, launching out again would be as though he is starting afresh despite his various feats during the reverse journey.

Most of what s/he learns and does would be responsible for unlearning and perhaps undoing what has been acquired before.

Education is meant to teach one how to function by design and not by incentives placed on Professions!